Murder attempt on landlord by gateman (audio)

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The voice note attached revealed the ordeal and life threatening experience of a landlord from his gateman in his estate.
According to a landlord through an audio file made available to @Naijatvnet, his gateman Eric had concluded plans on eliminating him, then later eliminate his wife and cart away valuables from his home and then varnish.
The story narrated raises critical questions to landlords, landladies or Estate Managers on who actually becomes their security man or gateman. 
Questions as: What is the mental and psychological status of the would be gateman? Where is he from and who recommended him to you? Any history of his former place of work? What is his religious and believe system? Is he an extremist? What gang of company does he keep in the neighborhood? Do you have a CCTV camera in your estate? etc. 
These are and many more critical questions that must be ascertained before engaging someone as your security or gateman.
Remember, as a landlord your entire family and estate is under his care while you are away.
Listen to the audio below carefully. Also hit the Share button and forward message to your social networks and groups, you might save a lot of lives with this message.
Ofcourse we all have security men Manning our Gates!! Pls share!
To listen audio, please follow instruction, click on “LISTEN IN BROWSER below.
Murder attempt audio clip

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